Artists and their Releases in the next few months

» Vardan Mamikonian, Piano: Works by Chopin, Debussy, Liszt, Bach, Babajanian, Khachaturian

» Alexander Maria Wagner: Liederzyklus "Käfer töten" (Graham F. Valentine, Voice - Christian Spataru, Conductor - Florian Moser, Violin - Felix Rosenboom, Cello - Eniko Cseh, Flute - Jake Mann, Clarinet - Shun Oi, Piano)

» Franziska Strohmayr, Violin & Laura Pitz, Piano: Wilfried Hiller - Works for Violin & Piano (Complete Recordings) [Series Modern Classics]

» Clara Haberkamp Trio (Clara Haberkamp, Piano & Vocals - Oliver Potratz, Bass - Jarle Vespestad, Drums) - new Album 2024 [Start of the new TYXart Series "JAZZart"]

» Alexander Suleiman, Cello

» Rachel Teear Narrator - Freddy Kempf, Piano 1 - Natalia Woods, Piano 2: Tom Woods - The Carnival of the Dinosaurs - A musical fairytale

» Tilman Skowroneck, Harpsichord [Series Early Music]

» Ensemble Barockin': Telemann [Series Early Music]

» Andreas Schablas, Clarinet - Julian Riem, Piano: Works for Clarinet and Piano

» Tabea Debus, Recorder

» Franz Grundheber, Baritone

Further outstanding Artists and Projects coming soon!

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