Artists and their Releases in the next few months

» Tilman Skowroneck, Harpsichord: Works by François Couperin [Series Early Music]

» Jan Philipp Reemtsma, Recitation – Kizuna Quartet: Steffen Wolf - The Songbird - Recitation music for Reciter and String Quartet to Christoph Martin Wieland's "The Songbird or The Three Lessons" [World Premiere Recording] [Series Modern Classics]

» Ensemble Barockin': J. S. Bach - Musikalisches Opfer – CD & LP! [Series Early Music]

» Sheva Tehoval, Soprano - Georg Michael Grau, Piano: Strauss/Reger - Lieder with and without Words [Series Classics]

» Franziska Strohmayr, Violin & Laura Pitz, Piano: Wilfried Hiller - Works for Violin & Piano (Complete Recordings), Violin solo, Piano solo [Series Modern Classics]

» Roman Emilius, Organ: The Späth Organ in St. Oswald Regensburg - Works by Scheidemann, Bach, Böhm, De Neufville, Mozart, Pasquini and Krebs [Series Chromart Classics]

» Sabrina Frey, Recorders - Philippe Grisvard, Harpsichord: Italian Baroque [Series Classics]

» Duo Burkhard Maiss, Violin | Viola & Ji-Yeoun You, Piano (Vol. 3) - Beethoven Zimmermann Brahms [Series Classics]

» Ensemble La Cantonnade: Flute Trio Sonatas by J. F. Kleinknecht (World Premiere Recordings) [Series Early Music]

» Radutiu - Trio Malich Tsai Gutfleisch - Skouras - MKO - Poppen: Tobias PM Schneid - Composer's Portrait [Series Modern Classics]

» Andreas Schablas, Clarinet - Julian Riem, Piano: Works for Clarinet and Piano

» Tabea Debus, Recorders

» Alexander Suleiman, Cello

» Vardan Mamikonian, Piano

» Franz Grundheber, Baritone

Further outstanding Artists and Projects coming soon!

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