CD "Tierisch Barock" When animals talk

Nel Dolce - Baroque ensemble from Cologne: Stephanie Buyken, Recorder - Olga Piskorz, Violin -

Harm Meiners, Cello - Luca Quintavalle, Harpsichord

& Philipp Wagner, Recorder/Oboe

Tierisch Barock - When animals talk - Nel Dolce

Works by Biber, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Uccellini, Merula, Buonamente, Cazzati, Williams, Matteis and Orme (Premiere Rec.)

Tierisch Barock - Incredible baroque zoo - the title lives up to its expectations: a CD full of baroque music, full of animal voices and thus full of baroque aesthetics and fascination.
Nel Dolce approaches the topic of "Man, animal and music" through a multifaceted selection of compositions of the early and the high baroque showing the musical study of the animal kingdom in the most diverse ways possible.
Compositions featuring a connection with animals started emerging from the mid-1500’s on.
"We hope the selection on this CD album offers a comprehensive view of the multifaceted, fascinating animal kingdom as we can experience it in Western classical music. And we are thrilled to share our enthusiasm with you, the listeners!" Nel Dolce

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CD programme / Tracklist:

01-03: Marco Uccellini (ca. 1603–1680)
from: Sonate, arie et correnti, op. 3:
Aria Nona L'Emenfrodito – Maritati insieme la Gallina, e ’l Cucco fanno un bel concerto (Die Hochzeit der Henne und des Kuckucks)
Sonata Quartadecima La Tarantola (Die Tarantel)
Sonata Duodecima, Sopra Iste Confessor, in Canone La Tartaruca (Die Schildkröte)

04: Tarquinio Merula (1595–1665)
from: Canzoni overo Sonate concertate per chiesa e camera, Libro 3, op. 12: Canzona prima La Gallina (Die Henne)

05: Giovanni Battista Buonamente (ca. 1595–1642)
from: Il quarto Libro de varie sonate:
Sonata decima sopra Cavalletto zoppo (Das lahme Pferdchen)

06-08: Maurizio Cazzati (1616–1678)
from: Sonate op. 55: Sonata prima La Pellicana (Der Pelikan)

09-17: Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644–1704)
Sonata Violino Solo Representativa, C. 146

18-20: Robert Orme (?–1711)
The Imitation of several Birds *

21-22: Nicola Matteis (1670 –1714)
from: Second Book of Aire's in 3 Parts:
Pavana Armoniosa Il Russignolo (Die Nachtigall)

23-26: William Williams (1675–1701)
Sonata in Imitation of Birds

27: Domenico Scarlatti (1685–1757)
Sonate g-Moll K. 30 für Cembalo, bekannt als Fuga del gatto (Die Katzenfuge)

28-30: Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741)
Il gardellino (Der Distelfink) - Konzert für Blockflöte, Oboe, Violine, Violoncello & Basso Continuo in D-Dur, RV 90

* World Premiere Recording

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